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DePuy ASR Settlement – Round 2 Extension

DePuy ASR Statute of Limitations

Stuart Talley is the partner responsible for the DePuy ASR litigation. There is an upcoming deadline that may impact your ability to bring a case. The deadline is the statute of limitations. DePuy recalled the ASR hip in August 2010 and this August will be 5 years since the recall. Every state has a statute of limitations, or the time period in which you can file a lawsuit from the date you reasonably suspect you have a claim.

The big issue is, “When should you have reasonably suspected you have a claim?” There are many potential start dates for when the statute of limitations begins to run. The date could be when DePuy recalled the ASR hip approximately five years ago. Another date is when you find out you have the DePuy ASR hip. It may be the date you find out you have elevated cobalt and chromium. Or it may be the date your doctor states you require revision surgery. All these examples are potential start dates for when the statute of limitations starts to run.

If you have a DePuy ASR hip, and you have not undergone revision surgery, it’s important to get a case on file immediately. The sooner you get a case on file the better. If you have a case on file, and your hip is not revised, DePuy allows you to dismiss that case and toll the statute of limitations. Tolling the statute means it does not run (running of the period set forth by a statute of limitations is paused or delayed). So, if you have a case on file, you can dismiss it. And say, hypothetically, you need revision surgery one year from now. You can subsequently refile your case as if it was never dismissed and proceed with your case. If you do not have a case on file, you do not get the benefit of the tolling agreement.

If you have a DePuy ASR hip (unrevised or revised), and you do not have a case on file, feel free to give us a call. Our attorneys are happy to explain this in more detail, and provide an analysis of your state’s law regarding the statute of limitations. We will help protect your rights.

DePuy ASR Settlement Program Extended!

Stuart Talley is the partner responsible for the DePuy ASR litigation. DePuy established a new settlement program resolving a large number of ASR hip cases currently pending around the country. As you may know, DePuy previously agreed to a large scale settlement for individuals who underwent revision surgery. The settlement was approximately $3.5 billion. This settlement only covered people who had revision surgery before August 31, 2013. After this date, many people had revision surgery. It’s estimated over 1500 individuals had revision surgery. The big question on everyone’s mind is, “What will DePuy do for those individuals?”

We received news that DePuy is willing to compensate those people. This new settlement agreement is nearly identical to the previous settlement. Essentially, the settlement starts at $250,000, and this value decreases or increases depending on various factors outlined in the agreement. You are entitled to participate in the new settlement program if you had revision surgery before January 31, 2015 (the cutoff date for eligibility is this date).

Additionally, this settlement offer is voluntary. No one is required to take the settlement. If you believe your case is worth more than the settlement offers, you do not have to take it and can proceed with your lawsuit. Our firm has clients from the first round of settlements who elected not to take the settlement. We are attempting to get trial dates for those clients.

If you have a DePuy ASR hip, and what to know more about the settlement, contact us for a free case consultation at 888-997-5170, or fill out our confidential online form.

DePuy ASR Settlement Round 2 Enrollment!

This week, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. announced it is extending the DePuy ASR settlement program for a new group of plaintiffs who were excluded from the settlement announced in November 2013. This new settlement is referred to as the “Round 2 Settlement”. The enrollment deadline for Round 2 of the U.S. DePuy ASR Settlement Program is May 1, 2015. The Settlement Program is a voluntary program and was established via the Settlement Agreement dated November 19, 2013. The Settlement Agreement is between DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. and the plaintiffs. It is meant to compensate eligible DePuy ASR patients who underwent revision surgery (replacing the hip), during certain time periods as outlined within the agreement.

If you had your DePuy ASR revised after 8/31/2013, and on or before 1/31/2015, you may be eligible for the Round 2 Settlement.  Attorneys William Kershaw and Stuart Talley represent numerous clients implanted with DePuy ASR hips. Many of our clients enrolled in the first round of the settlement, which was open to individuals who were revised on or before August 31, 2013. Therefore, our clients and individuals who underwent revision surgery after September 1, 2013 until January 31, 2015 are now eligible to participate in this new round of the settlements.

The settlement terms for Round 2 are nearly identical to the terms from the prior U.S. DePuy ASR Settlement program.  The executed Master Settlement Agreement will post on the Claims Processor website in a few weeks. Our attorneys can help determine whether this settlement is right for you, and if the settlement adequately compensates your individual situation.

Under the Settlement Agreement, there is a significant deduction for plaintiffs who are not represented by an attorney. In fact, unrepresented plaintiffs will receive approximately 34% less than those who have an attorney.

If you do not have a case on file, it is important you file one immediately. It is necessary to update Registration on or before April 2, 2015, pursuant to the terms of the Round 2 Master Settlement Agreement.  Our attorneys will help get your potential case on file, and make sure your information is up to date, specifically for those individuals eligible for Round 2.

If you were implanted with an ASR hip, contact our firm for a free case consultation. You can call us, toll free, at (888) 997-5170, or fill out the confidential contact form found on this page.

Bloomberg: J&J to Pay as Much as $420 Million More in ASR Hip Accord


You can visit the U.S. ASR Hip Settlement website at

DePuy ASR Lawsuit Upcoming Deadline

Hi, I am Stuart Talley. I am the partner responsible for the DePuy ASR litigation. I am providing information about a category of case that is involved in the DePuy ASR lawsuit relating to non-revised cases.

There are numerous claimants with cases on file against DePuy who still have their ASR hip. These are considered non-revised cases. There is an upcoming election process specific to non-revised cases. The election must happen before January 31, 2015. The election relates to your individual circumstances.

There are some non-revised cases where people have minimal problems with the hip. For instance, they have slight pain, low metallosis levels, and their doctors indicated they do not need revision surgery. Those individuals can elect to have their case dismissed without prejudice, preserving your rights if your case is dismissed. Additionally, the statute of limitations on your case is tolled. Tolling the statute of limitations is essentially delaying the statute of limitations. So, from the moment you dismiss the case to the moment you refile, the statute is not running.  You can refile your case if you require revision surgery in the future.

The other non-revised case is unique. There are individuals with a DePuy ASR who require revision surgery but are unable to undergo revision surgery because of an underlying medical condition. Many individuals underwent multiple hip surgeries before implantation with the DePuy ASR. Their surgeons do not want to operate even though the ASR implant is leeching cobalt and chromium and causing damage to their hip. If you fall into this category, your case does not need to be dismissed. This case can potentially go to trial and possibly win. The key to a case for an individual with a health issue is proving the cobalt and chromium ions cause tissue damage in the hip joint.  You need blood tests every six months and imaging studies (e.g. MARS MRI) to show the damage. The MARS MRI is an MRI for patients implanted with metal artifacts and implants. It can show pseudotumors and other inflammatory responses in the soft tissue of your hip.


DePuy ASR Lawsuit: Election Obligation Deadline Extended

The U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, filed an Order on December 24, 2014 extending the deadline for non-revised DePuy ASR plaintiffs who decide to either proceed with their case or voluntarily dismiss their case. Plaintiffs must notify the court by January 31, 2015 on whether or not they will opt into a tolling agreement with Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics.

The tolling agreement for non-revised plaintiffs involves dismissing their case without prejudice; meaning the statute of limitations on their case is postponed until revision surgery occurs. The tolling of the plaintiff’s statute of limitations is then extended for one year from the date of their revision. After the revision surgery, plaintiffs may re-file the lawsuit within the tolling period and will not lose any of their rights. A plaintiff must update their registration status to indicate they underwent a revision surgery.

Non-revised plaintiffs who elect not to dismiss their case will be required to prove that they have suffered some type of damage as a result of their recalled hip.  Typically, these plaintiffs will fall into the category of individuals who require a revision of their DePuy ASR hip implant but suffer underlying health issues that make revision surgery impossible. Other plaintiffs have significant problems with hip replacements and their surgeon does not want to perform surgery. In these respective cases, plaintiffs can advise the court of their situation and may continue pursuing their case.

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