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Sacramento Homes Damaged as Fireworks Continue

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Photo Courtesy of South Seattle Emerald

Photo Courtesy of South Seattle Emerald

Independence Day may be over, but the resulting damage continues to cause trouble for local police and fire departments. Illegal fireworks, as well as legal fireworks used incorrectly, wreaked havoc across the United States, and the Sacramento area was no exception. The official numbers of how many fires were caused by fireworks in the Sacramento area over the weekend will be released later today. In an interview with Fox 40, Sac Metro Fire Captain Michelle Eidam noted, “[t]he saddest part . . . is, often it’s not the person who lights the fireworks who’s house got damaged.”

A home in Carmichael was severely damaged after fireworks ignited a plastic garbage can and then traveled to the home, causing over $100,000 worth of fire damage. The cars in the driveway were ignited along the way. Yesterday, a home in Antelope experienced severe fire damage as well, after someone in the neighborhood set off Bottle Rockets that ignited and traveled to their home, burning holes in their roof. And two South Sacramento homes were damaged over the weekend after someone threw a firework in the air that ignited a dry juniper tree into flames near the properties.

The Sacramento Fire District is bracing for more incidents over the next couple days, as people deplete their fireworks supplies for the year. The fire captain emphasized safety, reminding people to stay away from trees, dry grass, homes or other things that could catch on fire and to douse fireworks in water before disposing of them to make sure they are fully extinguished.

If someone has damaged your property due to their mishandling of fireworks, you may be able to hold them liable under a theory of negligence. Contact a California personal injury attorney for a free case consultation.

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